APA expands climate reporting

Establishment of an interdepartmental climate team with lead coordination by Sandra Walder

APA – Austria Press Agency is expanding its reporting on the topic of climate and sustainability. A newly established interdepartmental climate team with members from all disciplines, from politics to culture and science to business, will devote greater attention to the diverse and highly interconnected aspects of the subject area. Sandra Walder has returned to APA to lead and coordinate the team.

“Climate change is already affecting the issues in every journalistic department – this development will accelerate further in the coming years,” APA Editor-in-Chief Johannes Bruckenberger says. “Fact-based reporting is the essential basis for an enlightened public discourse – particularly on topics highly relevant to everyday life.” In addition to current reporting on climate policy, sustainable technology and consumer aspects, more in-depth reporting, the development of multimedia platforms and a focus on climate data are also planned.

Sandra Walder (34) was already employed at APA as a journalist beginning in 2010. In 2012 she joined the German Press Agency dpa and was foreign correspondent there for Austria and Switzerland. In November, the native of Salzburg returned to APA and is now part of our foreign affairs department.